Oval copper pendant with hand drawn geometric design


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Entirely hand crafted antiqued copper oval single piece pendant on chain.  The pendant is a long thin oval of solid copper, textured with a geometric pattern which I drew myself to create a unique texture plate.  The integral bail features a repeated section of the same pattern which continues over onto the back.

Whilst there are many artisans now working in metal clays (copper clay is the material used for this pendant) I hope that I can set my work apart by using unique designs and textures, not just by buying commercial texture plates to impress the clay.  I strive wherever possible to draw and create my own textures, making my designs unique.  This particular design was initially a hand drawn doodle which I scanned into the computer and then through various digital techniques, transferred to a material called scratch foam.  This piece of scratch foam was then worked on further by hand to create the texture plate used on this clay.  Working in this manner allows me to define the finished shape of a piece and give it a dedicated border, giving what I feel is a more finished design.  The pendant has been polished then antiqued to enhance the textures and tones of the copper.


The pendant drops 45mm (1¾") from the solid copper cable chain and is 16mm (0.6") at its widest.  The internal diameter of the bail is 6mm (¼") allowing it to be transferred to different chains or cords for a different look. 

Cable chain:

The solid copper cable chain supplied fastens with my own hand crafted hook and loop clasp and will be supplied 18" (460mm) by default, but if you'd like a different length (up to 30" within this price), please let me know and I'll be happy to make something else to order for you.

Please note that as chains are made to order for each customer, they are polished to match the pendant, where the ones used in photographs are 'prop' chains that don't necessarily match as well, as they are used for more than one design

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