The earrings main section below contains all of the available earring designs, but you can narrow your search in the sub-categories below. Many designs will appear in more than one sub-category.

Different earwires available:

I hand make all my own earwires to shapes that I have personally tested and find comfortable and safe to wear and customers seem to like too - I also use a finer gauge of wire (usually 0.7mm / 21 gauge in Sterling and copper) than most, as many wearers, like me, have sensitive ears and this is a significant factor in earring comfort.    Any that use heavier wire will be highlighted.  All cut ends have been filed round for your comfort.

For many designs it is possible to change the shown earwires for a different shape, studs or screws or different materials, please ask if you have any particular preferences - the beauty of buying hand made is that you should be able to have just the item that suits you best.  If you think you may have problems wearing copper earwires, please contact me to discuss your preferences, the earwires can be changed for plated hypo-allergenic copper-look wires or Sterling silver.


Earrings are always measured overall from the top of the earwire and you can tell how they will fit by measuring down from your piercing. The length of my earrings are always measured overall from the uppermost point of the earwire to the bottom extremity.   I hold them so that they dangle as they would in wear - the 'width in wear' measurement is also taken in this manner. 

You can approximate how they will fit you by measuring this overall dimension down from your own piercing, as this will sit very closely to the highest point of the earwire.

Please ask if you'd like something different:

Many of the earring designs can be made in alternative colours, stones or even metals - so please ask if you'd like a custom item based on something you see.   Some designs have alternative colours or finishes shown within the listings, so please ensure you let me know your preference when ordering, there's a comment box in the Checkout section.

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