About Me

I started making jewellery initially to amuse myself and exercise my aging fingers and to satisfy a need for jewellery in sizes I couldn't find on the high street - where fashion panders to the very slim. The more I learn, the more I want to progress.  My head is constantly bursting with ideas and my desk covered with sketched designs on scraps of paper. I hand make the majority of my jewellery components myself.

I am entirely self-taught and make all of the jewellery on the site personally and by hand. I don't use jigs or any tools that might qualify the items as mass produced. My main tools are my eyes, fingers and pliers.  I make the vast majority of the components for my jewellery from raw materials myself, like headpins, earwires and clasps. 

Consequently, the designs are not necessarily uniform and will vary a little from one to the next, due to the individual nature of the crafting and the natural materials used.  Many items are one-offs - known as 'OOAK' - One Of A Kind.

Please note that I'm based in - and ship from - the UK and happy to sell globally.



My blog and photography portfolios:

I maintain a blog (also linked from the top of every page) as a repository of assorted articles, tutorials and usually lots of photographs - photography is my other big hobby.

I often post more details of my work and design processes and photographs of work in progress.  I consider the blog to be a largely personal indulgence and something I enjoy working on, but hope that someone might find something of interest in my musings. There are a number of links within that site to other photography portfolios (listed on the About Me page there), lists of tutorials and articles I've written over time.



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