Complete ready to wear necklaces and pendants worn on chains or necklets.  In some cases they come complete with matching earrings or a bracelet as a set.  Many have separate co-ordinating pieces available.

In most cases, I make necklaces in a slightly unfinished manner, allowing me to adjust the final length to the preference of the wearer and with pendants on chains, I make the chain to order, so that you can have just the length that you'd like.  Please allow me the time to do this for you.

So I will need a finished length to be supplied when you order, there is a comment box in the checkout process to allow you to supply this information - so please include the finished size you'd like as it will delay your order until I have this detail.  I often state a default length I will send if no size is specified.  In the rare cases where the size is fixed this will be stipulated in the listing.

Chains shown with pendants in photographs are usually 'prop' chains I use repeatedly - although the chain shown will be the same style you will receive.  Your own chain will be made or order for you and polished to match the pendant.

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