Hand crafted solid copper jump rings for your jewellery making


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Hand crafted jump rings in solid polished copper for your own hand made jewellery creations. 

The rings are formed by coiling solid copper wire on a mandrel and hand sawing off into individual rings.  Because they're hand sawn with a fine jewellers saw, they join well to form a nice circular ring with no gaps in the join area - close fitting enough to be soldered - please see the photos above.  Some commercial rings are pinched cut and leave an ugly join.  After cutting, they're extensively tumble polished to knock off any cutting burrs to leave a nice clean cut at each end.  They are raw unfinished copper which can be polished further, or antiqued or oxidised to taste when using as general purpose connecting or hanging rings in your own jewellery creations.

These jump rings are made from 1mm diameter round copper wire, wrapped around a 4mm diameter mandrel, which gives rise to a ring with an internal diameter fractionally over 4mm (the metal springs back a little as it's coiled) and an outer diameter of around 6.1mm.

You will get a bag of rings weighing 6 grams (net), which is probably around 53 rings and I always pop a couple more in for good measure, so you're sure to get at least 50 rings. 

Please note that the price includes UK domestic post and packing, but there is an overseas postage supplement for delivery to adresses outside the UK.

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