Hand crafted 'large classic' solid copper earwires, 5 pairs


Product Code: 33306f

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5 pairs of hand crafted solid polished copper earwires in a sensuously curvy shape that I call my 'large classics' - a shape that I use very often myself.  They're a discreet earwire that allows the decorative or beaded earring component to hang nicely below the ear lobe.

The earwires are made from 0.8mm diameter solid copper wire and each pair has been formed, hammered lightly for stablility, had the ends rounded for wearer comfort and have been extensively tumble polished for a nice finish.  They are raw unfinished copper which can be left polished or antiqued or oxidised to taste.

The earwires have been formed in pairs (5 pairs are supplied), so they will differ slightly from each other.  I don't try to make them all exactly the same, so that you have a little choice as to which pair looks best with the earrings you're making, so I do pair them and they're sent out as 5 separate matched pairs, each in its own zipped bag.  The differences are largely in the overall length.

The earwires measure around 26mm (1") in overall height and the widest part of the curve is 10mm (0.4") in diameter.

Please note that the price includes UK domestic post and packing, but there is an overseas postage supplement for delivery to adresses outside the UK.

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