Ball ended solid copper hand crafted head pins, pack of 20


Product Code: 33295f

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Hand crafted ball ended copper head pins for making your own jewellery pieces.  Each shiny copper headpin has been melted to a ball at one end, polished and straightened.

The pack comprises 20 solid copper ball ended headpins which average around 85mm (3.3") in length and are in 0.8mm diameter copper wire.  The molten balls on the end of each pin measure around 2.5mm in diameter.  I've cut these pins a little longer to allow for more creative wraps and finishes, as I prefer to work with a longer pin myself - it makes wire wrapping easier, if you've a decent tail to keep hold of and there's nothing worse than finding your head pin is just slightly too short to finish off properly.

Each pin is measured and cut, melted at the end, pickled to remove the firescale, polished in a tumbler and then straightened and modestly hardened, ready to use in your own jewellery creations.  They are raw unfinished copper which can be polished further, or antiqued or oxidised to taste.

Please note that you will receive 20 hand made headpins in 0.8mm wire and that the price includes UK domestic post and packing, but there is an overseas postage supplement for delivery to adresses outside the UK.

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