Simple Sterling silver loop earrings


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Product Code: 12088f

Basic and classic Sterling silver hoop earrings. 

Entirely hand crafted in Sterling silver these hoop earrings measure 26mm (>1") in diameter.

The ring earrings have been cold forged, hammered for shape and then highly polished and finished to be smooth and comfortable in wear.

The gauge of the wire is slightly heavier than the wire I usually use for earwires, so may not be comfortable for those of us with narrow piercings.  It is 0.9mm (19 gauge) wire, but kept round and smooth where it would be through the ear.

Bonus gift - I'll send a pair of randomly selected bead and Sterling silver dangles with each pair to give you a second look from one pair of earrings.

Alternative sizes:

At present, I also have two additional pairs already made, one of which are slightly larger at 28mm (1.1") in diameter and another smaller pair at 21mm (0.8") in diameter. Please let me know during checkout if you'd prefer one of these other sizes, the medium ones detailed above will be sent by default.

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