Long elegant spiral link earrings with Peace Jade rondelle stack - made to order


Product Code: 30941f - made to order

Long and elegant drop antiqued copper earrings featuring an elongated eye like spiral link wrapped with a stack of Peace Jade rondelles.

The central link of these earrings features an elongated spiral with a little eye like loop at the centre, mirrored by the hanging eye above.  It has been lightly hammered for stability and wrapped with a stack of 3 Peace Jade rondelle beads, double wrapped on my own ball ended headpins.

Peace Jade is the name given to a stone that isn't actually jade, but a mix of opaque white quartz, marbled with green serpentine and occasional patches of pink or lavender stichtite - collectively this stone is known as Peace Jade and is a lovely soft green colour.  These beads are largely the delicate soft green tones of the Serpentine.

The earrings hang 49mm (1.9") overall from the top of the straight drop earwires and are 7mm (>¼") at their widest.

Please note that these earrings are not currently available from stock, but would be made to order for you, so please allow me a few additional days to custom make a pair especially for you.

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