Fuchsia sketch Sterling silver earrings with Swarovski crystal


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Sterling silver earrings featuring a frosted oval charm with an original fuchsia flower sketch, individually hand coloured in pinks and purples and hanging from Sterling silver earwires.  The earwire is finished with a matching fuchsia coloured Swarovski crystal.  Fuchsias always feature heavily in my garden, I love their blousy blooms and vibrant colours and the array of colour variants and shapes and sizes.  I hope these earrings capture the feeling of summer.

I have wanted to feature gorgeous fuchsia flowers in a piece of jewellery for some time and have tinkered with ideas for years, but their complex structure has made strong construction difficult.  I was introduced recently to a printable shrink plastic and immediately had ideas of how this would fulfil some of the ideas in my sketch book.  I drew a sketch of a bloom and was able to print this onto the plastic, which I then hand coloured individually.  Once heated to shrink the plastic, it leaves a durable and lightweight charm.

The earrings hang 53mm (2") overall from the hand crafted Sterling silver earwires and each charm is 16mm (0.66") at its widest.  Each earring features a gorgeous Swarovski crystal bicone bead in a matching colour for sparkle.

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