Copper and bronze coil on coil earrings with Malay Jade


Product Code: 29881f

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Polished copper and bronze coil on coil earrings featuring a pair of gorgeous blue green Malay Jade beads.

The lovely kingfisher blue Malay Jade beads sit below an elegant elongated neck of tightly coiled polished bronze  wire, overwrapped with a second coil of a larger gauge of copper wire.  It's a design technique I call 'coil on coil' and there are several other designs in the shop featuring this technique.   The outer copper coil is spiralled atop the bead to form a finishing cap.

The beads are a lovely deep blue green colour of a stone called Malay Jade, which is actually the trade name of a quartzite that has been dyed.   The quartzite is a very hard wearing and lightly translucent stone that takes really nice colours of dye.

The contrast between the copper and bronze in its polished state is rather subtle, but if left to age naturally, the copper will darken faster and the difference between the two metals become more obvious over time.  I haven't antiqued them in this instance as I loved the deep gold colours next to the beads, but an antiqued pair could be made to order for you.
The earrings hang 47mm (1.85") overall from the top of my own large classic earwires.  The beads are 10mm (0.4") in diameter.


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