Chrysocolla and antiqued copper coil on coil earrings


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Product Code: 33539f

Gorgeous deep blue green Chrysocolla stones and coiled antiqued copper wire earrings.  The semi-precious gemstone beads sit below an extended neck of tightly coiled copper wire, overwrapped with a second coil of a larger gauge of wire.  It's a design technique I call 'coil on coil' and there are several other co-ordinating designs in the shop featuring this technique.   The outer coil is spiralled atop the bead to form a finishing cap.

The beads are a lovely blue and green marbled colour, which I think gives them the look of tiny globes or planets.  It is said to be a gentle and harmonious stone that removes negativity.  The turquoises, greens and blues come from the high copper content that oxidises to form this lovely stone. 
The copper has been antiqued to enhance the texture of the wire wrapping and coiling and all of the cut ends have been polished for your comfort and to prevent snagging.

The earrings hang 48mm (1.9") overall from the top of my own large classic earwires.  The beads are 10mm (0.4") in diameter.

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